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Turning Milestones Into Moments of Joy, Right Where You Play and Live

Pediatric Occupational Therapy for Children up to 18 Years Old in Helena, Montana

childrens occupational therapy Helena MT
pediatric occupational therapy Helena MT

Personalized and Convenient Occupational Therapy Services for Children Facing Developmental Challenges

Choosing Helena OT Specialists means easing the stress on family dynamics and providing peace of mind through our milestone-focused therapy. Our services address the core issues affecting your child's development, enabling them to thrive in their daily lives.


By conducting therapy in our office, your home or the child's preschool, we create opportunities for bonding and growth in familiar environments, making the entire process more effective and comforting for both children and parents.

Your Child's Development Matters​​

Every parent dreams of seeing their child thrive and achieve their developmental milestones. You want the best for your child, but navigating the complexities of developmental delays can be overwhelming.

Overcoming Obstacles Together

Feelings of isolation, confusion, and frustration are common as you search for effective solutions that fit into your busy life.


The struggle to find convenient and reliable therapy options can make this journey even more daunting. You're not alone in these concerns, and we're here to help.

Tailored Therapy for Real Results

At Helena OT Specialists, our approach to occupational therapy directly addresses these challenges.

Our personalized services are designed to be convenient and effective, bringing therapy sessions right into your home or preschool setting if needed.


We prioritize your child's development and work closely with you to create a supportive partnership.


With our expertise and commitment, we guide your child towards their milestones, fostering growth and success in every step.

pediatric occupational therapy Helena MT

Imagine the Possibilities

When you choose Helena OT Specialists, your child's developmental journey transforms from a series of daunting challenges into a path filled with growth, confidence, and joy. Here’s what life can look like for your family:

How To Get Started

pediatric occupational therapy Helena MT


Meet with your family doctor to find out if our services are right for your family. They'll then refer you to us, and we'll give you a call!

pediatric occupational therapy Helena MT


Choose a time that works best for us to meet with you and your child. Our team of highly trained occupational therapists will conduct a thorough assessment of your child's needs and create a personalized treatment plan.

pediatric occupational therapy Helena MT


Once the assessment is complete, we will begin therapy sessions in our office, the comfort of your own home, or at your child's preschool.


"Sara's services and humanness were both a gift and essential to our son and family.  She connects beautifully and sees with more than her eyes, the whole child and their unique needs.  Sara is able to follow the child in each session.  While she begins with a thoughtful plan of treatment, she attunes to the moment and adjusts with flexibility serving greatly the needs of the child.  We felt so touched by Sara's genuine care for our son.  While he presented with difficult qualities, she celebrated him and helped us to remember joy around those qualities.  Sara always took time to connect with us as parents and hear our struggles, while working our child's issues directly.  Sara made time for many thoughtful conversations around our son's treatment, including school and other therapeutic considerations.  We felt she took into account all of his needs, not just those pertaining to OT, which served him so greatly.  She was able to assess the whole child with specific delivering specific treatment to his OT needs."

Will Your Child Benefit from Occupational Therapy?

We Are Therapists Who Care

As a small, private, therapist-owned clinic, we are certified in many specialty areas, including autism, infant massage coaching, and sensory processing disorders.

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